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Board meetings are typically held the first and third Tuesday of each month in the Board Room at the District Offices (1239 Van Antwerp Road) beginning at 6 p.m. Some meetings are held at schools across the district.

Board policies

Board of Education policies are statements or guidelines that provide guidance and direction to school employees regarding many matters ranging from students to finance. The Board of Education has a Policy Committee that meets outside of regular board meetings to review and develop recommended modifications to existing policies or the creation of new policies.

Please Note: During the 2015-16 school year, the Board transitioned to a new policy manual based on policies developed by the Erie 1 BOCES Policy Service. The goal of this effort was to be sure that all required policies were in place and that every policy reflects current laws, regulations, and practices. Because the Erie 1 BOCES service utilizes a numbering system that is different from the previous policy manual, the new policies that have been adopted from Erie 1 BOCES are listed in a separate column below.

All policies on this page are Adobe PDF files.

Existing Policies

Policies Newly in Effect

(Adopted Pre-2015-16 and Remaining in effect) (Revised Manual & Numbering System)


Series 1000/Community Relations


Series 2000/Governance and Operations


Series 3000/Administration


Series 4000/Instruction


Series 5000/Students


Series 6000/Fiscal Management


Series 7000/Facilities


Series 8000/Support Services


Series 9000/Personnel and Negotiations


Series 1000: By-Laws


Series 3000: Community Relations
series 4000: Administration


series 5000: non-instructional/business operations
series 6000: personnel


Series 7000: Students


Series 8000: Instruction